About Me.


My name is Lilah. I began blogging in 2009 as an outlet for my teenage musings and thoughts. Since I began blogging, I’ve become a wife to my best buddy, moved to cold, but beautiful Wyoming from sunny, but busy So Cal, and gave birth to our first son, Fletcher Theophilus. What a crazy ride in just 4 years!

God is gracious. God is just. God is full of surprises. I am a full fledged example of what a life looks like when God is in the driver’s seat, surprises at every turn. I just wish I didn’t get in the way so often. (Picture me trying to set the cruise from the passenger seat, not pretty.) I need Him, I long for Him, and I get high from listening to Him.

My husband and I talk about everything. We’ve struggled and we’ve cried. We’ve broken each other’s hearts. But (and oh, I do love but’s.) God’s grace is so efficient and beautiful! We’ve come to terms with the fact that we’re both dirty, rotten sinners saved by the lovely grace of Jesus Christ on the cross. We’ve loved, we’ve celebrated, and we’ve reveled in one another in every way. . . but you can read more about that in my marriage posts.

My greatest desire for this blog is to encourage, uplift, and inspire people. And be encouraged, uplifted, and inspired by you.

Q: Why is this blog called Just a Sparrow?

A: Because if God can use a tiny sparrow to teach us to have faith regardless of our circumstances, {matthew 10:29} then maybe just maybe, He can use me to point you to Him.

My goal in every post is to encourage you to seek Christ above all else, be it through bettering your home, being a more godly and beautiful spouse, learning to encourage a brother, or providing a meal in your hospitable home.

“Just” implies that there is lesser importance to the subject mentioned. Well, that’s because there is. God is the most important, yet He cares for the least of us. Therefore, this is just the words of a fallen little sparrow, who’s been caught by the hand of a gracious Savior.

10 things about me you really don’t need to know,
but I’m going to tell you anyways:

no. 1 – I love to sing loudly (& badly) about how awesome God is and how silly boys are. I call this my “angry girl music meets Jesus still loves them” time.

no. 2 – I paint, sketch, draw, doodle, and mess around with graphics. I have since I could wield a pen and a mouse. I owe my practiced talent to my art teacher, Mrs. Erwin, who I miss dearly.

no. 3 – I’m pretty much a complete geek when it comes to words, especially in scripture. Latin roots, etymologies, definitions. They all make me giddy.

no. 4 – In my other life, I’m a Greek Philosopher. Or a dermatologist.

no. 5 – I’d like to think that one day I’ll be like Beth Moore or Priscilla Shirer, traveling the world with my family, speaking about the book I’ll write and living off of its royalties. . . but God hasn’t seemed to open up that door yet.

no. 6 – If it has polka dots, I buy it (that is, if it’s in the budget…).

no. 7 – I eat a lot of bread. Bagels. Toast. Mini Wheats. (Those count, right?)

no. 8 – My husband and I have a business together doing graphics and website design. Someday we’ll actually make money with it.

no. 9 – I love to read and I love to write and I love to discuss what I read and what I write.

no. 10 – I’m really funny. Or at least I think I am. Or maybe when you’re as klutzy as me you just have to learn to laugh.

Leave me a comment and you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing that I just did a little happy dance and squealed like a baby pig.

Let’s chat!



4 thoughts on “About Me.

  1. You sound great! Makes me want to give you a virtual hug! I really have enjoyed reading through your posts (i especially like this little about me page). Also, I really like your logo. Thanks for sharing.

  2. We are quite alike but a lot different too! I am known to sing loudly and badly on a daily basis. The only art that I can muster is through photography! I enjoyed getting to know you.

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