Life From The Saddle: training for something new.

I am so excited to welcome my father-in-law, Lance, to Just a Sparrow. He is an avid horse rider & trainer & is going to be sharing little tidbits of the wisdom that God has spoken to him through working with & growing with these beautiful creatures.



© photography copyright Zac Higgins

So I like horses, and I very much enjoy training horses.  Training and working with horses teaches me a bit about life as a whole.  I was working with a horse the other day, pushing his limits, training him to do something new.  I could see the fear build up in him when I asked him to step outside his comfort zone.  Fear over ruled his trust and faith in me, and he lost sight of the fact I would protect him.  What I was asking him to do, in the safe environment of the training arena, would help him be safer in the real world on the trail.  I finally had to hobble up one leg, and make not doing what I was asking of him extremely uncomfortable.  I do this because a horse not doing what I ask of them on the trail can be extremely dangerous.  It took a couple of weeks, hobbling him up, laying him down, and putting him in uncomfortable and vulnerable positions until he started to rely on me.  Then finally I started getting him to do what I was asking.  He finally did what was asked of him in the first place and life again got easier.  Now he’s a better horse for the doing.  More important, he’s a safer horse on the trail and we can go more places and do more then we could before.

Life’s a bit like that for us.  When the Good Lord asks us to step outside our comfort zone and the fear sets in, we end up a bit hobbled until we rely on, and have a little trust and faith in him.


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